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Troyer's RV Rental is located in Beautiful Holmes County Ohio!

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Is it Better to Rent or Buy an RV? 

Let's take a look at a typical American family with a few kids that wants to head to the lake or campground for a weekend. They usually only use an RV a few times per year. 

RV Ownership Costs

  • Average cost of a good RV $30K or $300-$500 /month
  • Repairs & Maintenance $2K - $4K per year
  • Inside Winter Storage $1.5K
  •  Winterization $100

RV Renting Costs

  • 2 night average rental w/ Ins. $300-$500
  • $500 Security deposit (You get it all back if there's no damage)
  • No Maintenance on you!
  •  What storage? 

Obviously costs will vary. 

According to the RV LOVE website someone that owns a Class A Motorhome, their average ownership cost is $1,238 - $1,678 per month. 

About Us

Jonas & Barbara and their family live near Millersburg Ohio. They own a web design and marketing agency as well as Troyer's RV Rental. Besides being entrepreneurs, they love hunting, fishing, camping and the great outdoors!

What Our Customers Have to say...

We really enjoyed our trip to the west coast as a family of seven. Nice newer Rv and enough room for all of us to sleep. The Troyers were great people to rent from and very friendly people and we would highly recommend them. The Rv is just the right length to get into tight spots. Thanks again Troyer’s RV Rental we would do it all over again.

Moses Miller

We rented two trailers for the whole family to stay together over the past week, it was a hassle free enjoyable experience, if we visit Walnut Creek OH again Next year, Troyer’s will be our first call! (P.S. Get the Starlink satellite, you wont regret it)

David Logan